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      Welcome to Ouchi brush!
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      Foshan Ou Qi brush Co., Ltd.

      Address: No. 70, Sanshui Road South, southwest Street, Sanshui District, Foshan.

      Tel: 0757-87576282

      Fax: 0757-87576283

      Website: www.2021aruhn.icu

      Euclidean brushQuality first, reputation first.

      Ouqi brush Quality reputation first


      factory equipment

      Factory equipment

      National order hotline:0757-87576282

      • 01


        fully reinforced

        Euclid brush possession10000 square gardenDozens of automated brush roller production lines in the regional production base

      • 02

        Advanced technology

        Advanced technology

        All products of Ou Qi brush are internationalAdvanced process production

      • 03

        Advanced equipment

        Advanced equipment

        ImportedFull automationDrum brush production equipment

      • 04

        good quality

        Good quality

        Ouch brushes all products, water-based paint, paint all applicable, roller and brush are treated specially,No hair loss, solvent resistance.

      • 05


        High cost performance

        Factory production,Strictly controlCost and quality increase cost performance as much as possible.

      • 06

        Zero risk

        zero risk

        Free sample,Look at the samples and take the goods to avoid risks.

      How to use the wool brush is correct
      Before the new wool brush is used for the first time, the bristles should be soaked in warm water for about half an hour, and then the easy-to-remove bristles are removed for use, which can effectively reduce the lint in the use of the wool brush. 查看詳情 >>